Get the best tips for personal branding for marketing for real estate agents


Real estate business is a really big area where one can aspire to be extremely successful. But to achieve such a level of success, one needs to have a little bit of help. This industry is extremely competitive and for those marketing for real estate agents who are stepping fresh into this field, it is an even larger mountain to climb.

One of the things that all real estate agents should keep in mind is personal and personality branding. This area needs quite a lot of attention because this gives the first impression to clients. If this goes all well and good then striking a deal will not be much of a problem.

Building up the personal brand:

Real estate business, like all other fields have evolved. That’s why you need a well branded realtor for your real estate investment Vancouver. This evolution has mainly happened on the internet since most clients prefer the online services in place of any other. Statistics show that almost 92% of deals happen over online facilities. Thus in order to build the personal brand, those marketing for real estate agents needs to step up their initiative and go online with all the resources they have. This will prove to be extremely beneficial for the entire idea.

Personal photographs are a good idea to design the brand. People dig personal experiences and real photographs. One just needs to make use of that fact and design their online services likewise using personal photographs. This makes everything light and looks friendly and welcoming.

Defining the brand identity and describing a market plan is a systematic and methodical approach which can prove to be a thing of regret if not done in the beginning. The brand identity helps clients to identify the best from the rest. This helps immensely to get relieved of competition from other parties. Marketing plans are beneficial to the initiative itself as they help to draw out present and future plans and design the process of working.

Real estate agents for marketing must draw out a value proposition for themselves. This also helps them to stand apart from the fierce competition. Clients love to know what unique features their agents can provide them with and help them to choose those agents with better unique points over the others.

Once the initiative is online, it is a must for the site to be updated regularly in order to improve the personal branding. No one wants to see the same things again and again. New ideas and new initiatives must be included and if possible looks could be changed too.


Life for marketing for real estate agents is not easy. It demands hard work and determination. One should stay focused in order to be successful as an agent.

Is Marketing the Reason for High Vancouver Real Estate Prices?

With the New Year in full swing, everyone is starting their brand new hunts for those things they’re looking for: cars and real estate.  In Vancouver, however, the real estate prices haven’t dropped any, meaning that owning a home is still out of reach for anyone who has a regular local income.  There may be jobs in Vancouver, but the only real estate that is available, is that which is priced above the average income of its residents.  For those that are struggling to keep afloat in this busy city, it is the difference between being able to live in a home or not.

Before Christmas, the prices were so high that many thought that they couldn’t go much higher.  Unfortunately, the New Year and come and gone and still the prices are climbing.  It would be one thing if they were staying steady, but they’re getting higher with each report.

In the years before, people would flock to the city of Vancouver for the option of being able to get a job, something that was rare in the Eastern parts.  That boom, while good for jobs, means that the real estate in the area was snapped up quickly and leads us to the predicament that we are in now: a house costs too much for the worker to be able to sustain himself on a regular job, a Vancouver SEO consultant states.

A Burnaby real estate agent claims that the price of a house in this busy city is up 12% from where it should be normally, and that increase is really being felt by those searching.  Compare that to everywhere else in Canada (other than Ontario), where the price of real estate is decreasing to an amount that is manageable so that owning a home is becoming something that is actually possible.  As those prices continue to fall and moderate themselves out somewhere in the middle, experts are watching the soaring prices in Vancouver and Ontario, openly admitting to the fact that there is no predicting them anymore, the prices and the market is entirely unpredictable.  As you can imagine, it is gaining a lot of attention.

Due to the fact that people are continuing to flock to the city, however, house sales are still occurring, just at much higher prices.  Those who are in the top 1% are having their homes, but that being said, the price that they would be looking at would be for homes that are more mainstream than normal.  Therefore, everyone really is impacted by the real estate prices in Vancouver.

Whether you are a hard working mother of four that is searching for a small, modest home to best serve your children, or a young and single employee that’s getting all of the work experience that he needs, the price of real estate is something that we all need to worry about.  It is forcing more people to rent for long term situations instead of investing their hard earned money in a home that would benefit them more in the long term.  It’s forcing some people to move out of Vancouver entirely, meaning job loss and revenue loss for employer and employee both.  It is becoming a very serious issue that is on the minds of residents as well as in the papers, on the Tvs and online.

Those who have no choice but to stay in Vancouver are turning to thinks such as co-owning a home or taking out more money from the bank in order to make ends meet when searching for a home in the first place, which leads to its own set of problems.

For those who are unaffected by the real estate market in Vancouver, the prices and the shock over how high they are going is nothing short of entertaining, but for those in the city, it is becoming a serious issue.  It is changing lives and making living conditions very tough and tight for anyone looking for a home in Vancouver.


3 Ways to Use Bluetooth Beacons in the Initial Stage in Business

The majority of businesses are still unaware of the potential of Bluetooth beacons. These low energy devices transmit packets of data continuously and consume less power. These can be applied for the purpose of indoor localization, where GPS generally turns out to be non-useful. These can also be used for location-conscious multimedia services or customer management. Bluetooth Beacons have just entered the retail sector and are constantly opening up newer possibilities for organizations and businesses in ways never imagined before. Check out how you can use these in the initial stages in your retail business.

Use them for indoor navigation

GPS navigation is unable to work in many places indoors. GPS navigation makes use of the Wi-Fi technology, which is not too accurate. In such cases, the indoor navigation capability of Bluetooth Beacons can be extremely useful. This is exactly they are as useful to implement in shopping malls as in stadiums and airports. The flow of pedestrians can be improved easily by keeping these beacons in a few spots and developing a custom app which is able to provide the present location in the map.

Use them for customer management

You can also test these in the initial stages to get help with customer management. These devices can be used to provide customers with a better experience. You need to develop a simple network by placing Bluetooth Beacons in strategic spots. For instance, when you install the app in the smartphone of users, the device can discover the beacon in the shoes section of your store. It can also provide users with notifications regarding special sales offers being provided presently. The greatest challenge seems to be encouraging users to set up the app and continue to run it in the days to come.

Using location-aware multimedia applications

Multimedia apps which can sense locations are excellent for shopping galleries. Once the app senses a Bluetooth beacon located close to an object which is being searched for, it can provide users with details in the form of a multimedia presentation. There is no need for every staff in your retail store to know about every item that is present in each section. By simply tying your customers to a Bluetooth beacon, you can get them to know about the items that they are looking for. This will allow you to cut down on problems arising out of poorly skilled staffs and miscommunication on their part.

Tips On How To Become A Successful Realtor

Success does not just happen but has to be achieved through constant efforts in the right direction. This stands true for all industries including real estate. If you are new to the business and want to know some tools for achieving big, here are some tips for you.

  1. Self Belief: This is the first and the most important factor between success and permanent failure. Nothing big can be achieved unless you believe that you will be able to get to your destination triumphant. So the first step is to know in your heart that you are meant for this.


  1. Set Realistic Targets: Rome was not built in a day and there is no way your first deal is going to fetch you millions. Targets can be very subjective as for some it can be quantified in terms of money and for others it could probably be gaining a certain amount of experience. Whatever your target is, do not forget to give yourself some wiggle room. It is alright to go slow as long as you are making progress.


  1. Learn By Analyzing: Though it is alright to take baby steps to success but do not work towards mediocrity. Collect as much information as you can about the deal that you are trying to make. Try to provide something valuable to your customers. The only way to do this is to first know the property, the location and also the establishment well yourself. Unless you have weighed all pros and cons yourself, you will not be able to help your buyers.


  1. Learn From your Mistakes: Suffering a loss or not attaining as much profit as you had expected can be dejecting but make it work for you. Every failure is a chance to learn. So evaluate where you went wrong. Ask yourself these questions. Why you could not convince the buyers or the sellers? Why were you not able to make as much profit? Why you lost a particular lead? There is always a reason and with some thought you will be able to get your answers.


  1. Start From Your Area: Most realtors who make big start from the locality they live in. One example is the dominance a west Vancouver real estate agent has shown in the past years. This has many benefits including area knowledge. Also initially when you have a lot on your hands, investing in your locality will save you from trips to far off localities, hence saving a lot of time.



Marketing for Concrete Contractor Companies – 5 Preparations before Creating a Campaign

In this age of promotion, marketing is regarded as essential for the success of any business out there. While glitzy marketing campaigns can make even a bad product sell, you will want your concrete contractor service to run for not one but many moons. Before initiating an advertising campaign that shows your service in the best light, you need to make 5 important preparations to ensure the success of the planning stage.

Consider the market

Think about which market you are going to focus on, niche markets or beyond? Your campaign should be focused on emphasizing that and bringing clients from only those markets at first.

Check your competition

You need to make sure that your campaign does not seem like an imitation of those from successful names in the business. It has to stand out, and create a distinct identity for your brand by underlining your strengths. You have to identify the strength areas of your business first. Do you have long years of industry experience? Do you have an affordable pricing structure? Do you have highly skilled workers proficient in handling diverse types of work? Make a list of the strengths and base your advertising campaign along the strength areas.

Campaign according to your resources

This holds true for monetary as well as other types of resources. You are sure to lose your client base fast if you do not have the time, manpower or budget to follow up your advertising efforts. Plan how much of your resources you will be willing to spend regularly, and maintain your campaigns at the same pace. With time, more clients and more revenues, you can be more flexible with the allocation of resources.

Discuss with marketing specialists

If you are not aware of even the basics of advertising, you will find it difficult to make creative plans regarding the same. This is usually the case with most business owners, and you need a good marketing specialist who would analyze your specific business and guide you about the best marketing strategies to invest your resources on.

Consider your goals

The campaign should be in tandem with your short as well as long-term goals. Make sure that your marketer is clear about what your business objectives are, so that he / she can focus on strategies that work along those lines. The success of your objectives is important, but it is more essential to ensure that the campaign pays off for a long time – thus ensuring worthwhile investment on your end.


Hiring a Construction Company 101

A difficult job at hand

If you are thinking of having a building constructed, you need to be aware that this is not the kind of task that you can take lightly. This is something in which you will have to put your complete focus. Crucial decisions would have to be made at every step, and it is essential that you make the right ones.

The thing about construction is that a thousand things can go wrong and in the case of any mishap, a number of lives would be placed in jeopardy. It is important that people who are on the construction site are all competent, know their job well, and believe in doing it to perfection. There is no room for negligence or carelessness in construction as the repercussions can be rather dangerous.

To ensure that the process of construction goes on smoothly and quality is maintained at every step, you need someone to look after the whole affair who is experienced for the job and can spot a mistake from afar. There are two options with regards to how you want the construction to be done. You have the choice of a concrete contractor or a construction company. It is up to you to weigh both options carefully and decide which one would suit you better. If you choose to go with the former, you will have to pay adequate attention and learn how to spot a trustworthy concrete contractor.

Important for smooth construction

If you wish to ensure that the construction of your building goes smoothly and it is completed within the allotted time, you will have to ensure that you get the right concrete contractor on board as he is the one who will supervise the whole thing. He will ensure that the right quality of materials is being used in the construction and the work is progressing with the right speed. Thus, how your construction is going to pan out would depend mostly on the concrete contractor that you select.

Considering the magnitude of this decision, it is clear that it is not one that you can take within a short span. You need to ensure that you have invested a significant portion of your time on research. You need to investigate thoroughly about the potential contractors whose services you can avail. You will find the internet to be rather helpful in your endeavor. However, it is not a good idea to rely on the internet alone.

Before you bring anyone on board, make sure that you ask for references. Cross checking with their previous customers is crucial. This will give you a hint as to what sort of services you can expect. Furthermore, it would be a good idea if you make a visit to any of their working sites. This will give you an idea of their approach to their work and if they are organized and efficient in their proceedings.

No Funny Business at the Construction Site

The right selection is important

It is necessary to be cautious in every aspect associated with the construction of any building, be it residential or commercial. Negligence in any step can lead to dire consequences. It is essential that one hires the right people for the job who are professionals, are efficient and strive to deliver perfection. Construction is not something in which substandard quality can be accepted. It is important that quality is maintained throughout the process to ensure that the risk of accidents is minimal. One of the fundamental steps that you are required to perform when you want to have a building built is to find a concrete contractor.

The captain of the ship

The concrete contractor that you select is going to be the captain of the ship. It is going to be his show. He is the one who is going to make sure that everything goes smoothly. He is the one who would be responsible for ensuring that any kind of negligence is not paid and no compromise on quality is made. Considering the importance of this selection, it is of utmost important that you understand how to spot a trustworthy concrete contractor. You need to understand the significance of this step. You cannot settle for just any contractor that you come across. There are certain steps that you ought to take before you make such decisions.

For one thing, thorough research is going to play a pivotal role in your selection. Conduct a detailed research on a list of probable concrete contractors that you can hire. You can make use of the internet for the purpose. Try to shortlist those who have been in the business for quite some time and have a spot-free reputation. It is advisable to go for someone whose reputation precedes his name.

Do not forget to compare the prices of different contractors. You will have to ensure that you are not being taken for a ride and are indeed hiring someone who is giving you the best deal. Having a building constructed is an expensive job as it is. You do not want to increase the financial input that would be required. If possible, try to visit the work site of the contractor to view his work etiquette and his approach.

Another decision that you might have to take is to decide which side you are going to be on. It is going to be concrete contractors versus construction companies. Ensure that you take your decision after careful consideration.

Important Aspect

The concrete industry plays a pivotal role in real estate. The effect of real estate prices on the concrete industry is no less. These two areas are intertwined and have an impact on one another. When the prices of real estate take a hike, the concrete industry also thrives as people look to cash in on the prospect. Striking the iron while it is hot is the key.

Hiring Concrete Contractors

Maintaining a large or small area, residential or commercial space, anything is a time-consuming and long process in Vancouver. No matter, if there is petite damage or complete water or fire destruction, it is best to hire professional restoration company. There are many Vancouver concrete contractors who can give your property back better than before.

Why hire

Hiring Vancouver concrete contractors is best as they can handle various restorations at one time. Your home is an investment and if you do not want to take chances, it is crucial to hire, so that proper repairs and maintenance is taken care of.

Things to consider while hiring

Vancouver concrete contractors work includes subcontractors supervising, scheduling inspections and taking building permits. Here are some tips to hire best contractors.

  • Reviews and Credentials: Ensure they submit you genuine proof of having insurance, license and are bonded in the state.

  • References: Consider asking for references from your neighbors, friends or relatives who have done similar projects. You can also contact building dealers to provide relating information.

  • Essential Interview: Interview helps in choosing best Vancouver concrete contractor for your maintenance and repair of the building. Bear in mind to talk with minimum three contractors at least prior to hiring. Also get from then a written bid, compare bids and settle with the one fitting your budget and requirements. Just do not give importance to low bids.

  • Speak about work: Ascertain if the Vancouver concrete contractor regarding the work, who will start with this task of renovation and the number of employees to work. Ask him about subcontractors and employees responsibilities.

  • Call the contractor: Once the formalities are complete, you can take a crucial decision. Remember to assign your project to some reliable Vancouver concrete contractor so that he provides best services depending on your budget and need.

  • Sign contract: Ensure to read carefully the contract and agree to sign. The contract must carry the detail of work to be carried on, the material to be used and also the entire project estimate.

  • Talk frequently: Talk frequently to the contractors about the work status on your project. In case you happen to notice any issue or have doubts, do not hesitate to talk, instead approach them immediately.

  • Hold final amount: Make sure to hold the final payment. First, check if you are satisfied with the work done and are you happy. See everything is completed in order.

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Build It Green – a professional non-profit membership organization whose mission is to promote healthy, energy and resource efficient buildings in California.

The components of GreenPoint Rated have been developed and refined since 2000 by a diverse set of residential building stakeholders including production builders, contractors, architects, and designers, multifamily home developers, state and local government leaders, utilities, regional and national building science experts, suppliers, and green building advocates.
Click here for a Green Point Rated QA sheet


These days, it seems like everyone’s talking about green homes, and for good reason. Environmentally friendly homes not only save resources and money, they can last longer, be healthier and more comfortable, and hold their value better than similarly priced homes. But how can you tell if a home really is green? Enter GreenPoint Rated. GreenPoint Rated removes the guesswork by having a Certified GreenPoint Rater evaluate a home’s green features allowing homes to be compared on a level playing field. GreenPoint Rated rewards building professionals and homeowners who create green homes by allowing them to brand their products with a recognizable, trustworthy seal of approval. Think of GreenPoint Rated as a report card for a home.
Click here for our GreenPoint Rated information sheet


Buildings play a critical role in protecting and improving our environment and the health of the people who occupy them. Nationwide, buildings account for 72 percent of electricity consumption. Depending on how that power is made, buildings can account for anywhere from 30 percent to 70 percent of a city’s carbon dioxide emissions. Every day, more and more cities are mandating green building, each city is unique in their criteria, but all of them have agreed on the U.S. Green Building Council’s well-known ‘LEED’ certification as the standard for what it means to be green. It is now commonplace to hear about a “Green” Government Building, a Zero Energy Library or a City’s efforts to convert all of their facilities to be “Green”.

Pazzo di Terra is a proud member of the USGBC.

What is LEED®?
“The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.”
By having a project certified as a LEED project, you are letting everyone know that you have calculated and tested the building’s actual impact on our environment and not only have you made it sustainable and energy efficient; you have raised the bar.

LEED Rating Systems
New Construction
LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations is designed to guide and distinguish high-performance commercial and institutional projects.

Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance
LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance provides a benchmark for building owners and operators to measure operations, improvements and maintenance.

Commercial Interiors
LEED for Commercial Interiors is a benchmark for the tenant improvement market that gives the power to make sustainable choices to tenants and designers.

Core & Shell
LEED for Core & Shell aids designers, builders, developers and new building owners in implementing sustainable design for new core and shell construction.

LEED for Schools recognizes the unique nature of the design and construction of K-12 schools and addresses the specific needs of school spaces.

LEED for Retail recognizes the unique nature of retail design and construction projects and addresses the specific needs of retail spaces.

LEED for Healthcare promotes sustainable planning, design and construction for high-performance healthcare facilities.

LEED for Homes promotes the design and construction of high-performance green homes.

Neighborhood Development
LEED for Neighborhood Development integrates the principles of smart growth, urbanism and green building into the first national program for neighborhood design.


What does “Green” really mean? We all have a vision of what the “Greening” of our home would consist of.

For some, the Indoor Air Quality may hold the highest priority. Perhaps we have a family member with a respiratory illness, or acute allergies, or worse yet, maybe your home is the cause of symptoms that you haven’t experienced before. Older homes can have asbestos or lead levels that are unhealthy.

For others, that room in the house that’s ALWAYS cold or hot has really become a problem. An insulation check or a duct test can tell us where the problem originates and we can resolve the issue.

If your home was built prior to 1978, there’s a good chance you have little or no insulation. There are remedies that are not all cost prohibitive. We will discuss all of the products and options available to you.

Is solar the only solution to saving money on my energy bill? Certainly not. “Conservation First” we work backwards to finally arrive at the need or no need for solar. Pazzo di Terra will help you define “Your Green”.